Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How do you know its God’s Blessing?

I went a birthday bash at the weekend, it was heaven. A boyfriend threw the bash at his posh house in the dales to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday. Now the guy's house is something else;the specs: 2 swimming pools, Jacuzzi, gazebo, 3 lounges, double story the works. I kept looking around thinking I must be on MTV cribs! He had hired the best caterer, the food was out of this world, there was shrimp, squid and prawn, and we had the best audoves ever! All in all it was amazing. Anyway to top it off, he bought his girlfriend a brand new car (I shant mention what type it was) but anyway. It was beautiful. Over my desert of lemon meringue and flan I overhead these ladies saying, how this guy was so blessed and how God is dong wonderful things in his life bla bla bla. Anyway at that point I realized how human beings will never learn. We still equate material things to God’s blessing.

Left, right and centre we have heard or read of these so called Christians have been exposed to being frauds, as they were using Voodoo or Juju to make money, meanwhile saying its God’s blessings. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying this “boyfriend” is using Voodoo and stuff, but just that some people do. Pastors especially in Pentecostal churches constantly preach about financial blessing, and their followers are brainwashed into thinking if they are not rich then they must be doing something wrong. The followers are then desperate for a financial break though that they give more money after more money, hoping to catch a break. (Note: I call them followers because most of these people will go to all lengths for the preacher and sometimes not the same for GOD).

Blessings are not measured in dollars or pounds. God’s blessing on his people is the blood of Jesus and everything else e.g. Job, cars, husbands, careers etc are just effects of the blood of Jesus (the blessing thus) upon your life. Don’t make the world (esp. these followers) make you think you are any less blessed than the next person because he has a Mercedes and you got a bike. People usually say “oh I am so blessed” when they are referring to their material possessions. The sad thing is that those that don’t know any better are in church crying and wasting their prayers begging God for material things. Isn’t our sole purpose on earth to “go yee into the world and preach the gospel”. That was Christ greatest commission to his disciples, if material things were important he would have said, “Go yee into the world, and buy expensive cars, get married, have babies, buy big houses e.t.c” but no. Aren’t we supposed to Seek ye first his kingdom, then everything else will follow.

Prayer is talking to God, worshipping him, and loving him adoring him, praising him not asking all the time. People are spending more time preaching riches, tithes etc but that won’t get you into heaven. Let the most important legacy you leave on earth be, the word of god to those that don’t know him. Well that how I feel in my own words. What do you think?

Signing out @mspeelicious peace and love muaaah ;-)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Competition: My Doctor's Advice

I have always been one to shy away from competition, at school I hated competing in Beauty pageants, sporting events and the like. It wasn’t because I was shy, or I was not good at any of those. It always baffled me why I would always cringe when it came to competing. It was only later in life that I realized it was because I fear rejection. It took me years and at least 3 sessions with a therapist to diagnose me (oh yeah and I stopped seeing my therapist when I started developing feelings for him- he was really cute, but well that’s another story). I don’t cope well with rejection. I am one of those sociopaths (so they call us) who crave love from just about anything, whether human or not. And in the event that we are rejected we simple crumble and close up, maybe even commit suicide. (Note these are not my words but Dr. Really Really Sexy- My therapist thus). He went on to say that this need must have started at a very tender age, must have been lack of parental affection, and that I may have had a traumatic childhood. (seriously). Yeah if I hadn’t stopped seeing him cause I fell for him I would have stopped either way, cause clearly he didn’t know what he was talking about. Look Just because I don’t like competing ,doesn’t make me weakling or a sociopath. Maybe it actually make me clever. Why compete when you know you won’t win? What’s the point of putting yourself through humiliation, so you can please your parents or friends. I say parents because most parents lie to their kids, telling them they can sing when they sound like frogs, hence the Wooden Mic on Idols. I have always been honest with myself, where I know I cannot conquer I would rather not concur. Have you ever watched “The Bachelor”, and there’s this ‘not so good looking’ girl and she’s also not in shape ( hating to brand someone fat). Trying to win the bachelor’s heart? , and the bachelor is like really FINE! Good-looking people don’t date ugly people. If you are a 5, you are likely to date a less than 5 or at most a 6. That’s just the plain truth. So, if you clearly aren’t that good looking or in shape why would you want to be rejected on national/international TV?

I choose to be truthful with myself, I don’t try out for things I know I cannot do. I was never athletic in school and you would never see on the running pitch. I guess I never wanted to see my school mates laughing at me when I would trickle in last. I apply the same principle in dating. I never make myself available to a guy who is clearly out of my league, and since I am out of other guy’s leagues, why should I avail myself. I would hate to out on a date with a “9” guy and then a better looking chick walks by and he can’t take his eyes away from her. That situation there presents an opportunity to compete for my mans attention! What happens when he leaves me for her? Mmmm you see that’s the reason I would rather be with a guy in my league or compete at something I am good at. Get my point. I know most people at this point are thinking nah that’s not true. Well I am sorry to burst your bubble, but if you look at your partner and think he/she aren’t that good looking, chances are you have been flattering yourself thinking you were a good catch for him/her. People are comfortable dating someone who is in their league .Some things just don’t work. In high school I was a basketball player, I wasn’t that good I guess cause after a while I got relegated to the bench the whole season. Believe me that really hurt, cause I always thought I wasn’t that bad. So from then on I only attempted at things that I was guaranteed to be the best, and never second best.

This is how I feel, I don’t waste my time competing in something I am not good at, competing for a man’s attention etc, I would rather not. Its better to always lie to yourself and say, well maybe is I had tried I would have won, than realizing that either people really don’t like you (when they vote you off Survivor or Big Brother). I could never handle the rejection, and I thinks that makes a clever person. Stay away from things you are not good at, and only pursue things that you are good at.

@mspeelicious signing out Love and Light to all Muaah 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to get a man and keep him

So i havent been blogging much in the past weeks because my life just took a whirlwind turn, everything went crazy, and i couldnt handle it, i had to take time off to regroup.Anyway whilst i was away, i met very interesting people with weird stories and ideas to share. In the past two weeks i have learnt so much more about people,and life but more so about MEN.

What have i learnt? That men will be men, if he's gonna cheat, he's gonna cheat..If he he's not that into you, you cant make him like you, If he wants out, crying wont change his mind; If he doesnt introduce you as his girlfriend, you probably aint his girlfriend; if he doesnt want to spend time with you, you prebably aint his girlfriend;Being his girlfriend doesnt give you the right to check his phone etc ,among other things.

The reason why i am talking about men today is because, women for years have been trying to figure out the formular to keep a man. I guess we all though, there has to be a written rule book to follow to get your man to act right or to keep your man. But i realised, Men will be men, meaning they are not women. The fact that we are created differently means we gotta act differently, behave differently and react differently. You cant brand men, or group them according to race,educational background,age,creed,physical attributes etc. It doesnt work like that, they dont act the way they do because of their past or their background. Men act the way they do because they are men.Some men cheat, some dont, most men lie and some dont.

To top it all, when you ask the ladies that have had their men for a while how they did it, they willtell different stories of which, most single ladies have tried already, but it didnt work. The reason no one really knows is because theres no rule book to follow,men arent a recipe. You cant add a cup of sugar, a teaspoon of lemon rind etc to make it work. It simply doent work like that. My advise to other single ladies; just let him be, give him his room and space, follow his pace, if he doesnt call, dont call also, if he doesnt coem see you, dont ask him why. Just go with the flow.

This is not relationship advise i am giving, but its survival tricks. If you want to be happy, dont live for him, Just do you (like Rev Run always says). If its meant to be it will fall into place. Relationships can be brutal so if you want it to work, dont try to make it work. You might ask me,what do you know since you are still single? Well i know what not to do, cause honey i have tried it all and it dont work.....

Food for thought.

signing out @mspeelicious Love and Peace :-)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sibbling Rivalry

I come from a family of 3 girls. My sisters and I are very close indeed. We are like best friends and we are only each 2 years apart.So we are almost around the same ages. We have never had any kind of sibbling rivalry, or some sort of competition, we help each other through difficult times, thats not to say we never fought or argued before. We do have our fights but we always make up within 24 hours.Thats me and my sibblings. I have looked around me lately and have seen how blessed i am to have supportive sisters.

Last night i was talking to a friend of mine and she was going on and on about the constant arguing and fighting within their family. She mentioned something that caught my attention though. She recently opened a trading business and is doing extremely well,so one of her younger sisters wanted in on the business, which is good. But how she did it now well, thats another story altogether.She went behind her sisters back and spoke to the owner of the store and convinced him she could deliver at lower rates than her elder sister.Business owner cancelled big sisters contract and hired young sister.

Now in my words i dont even define it as rivalry but as plain evil. Sibblings always fight over clothes, makeup and some other funny stuff but you dont mess with someines livelihood. it like your sister or brother dating your Ex, or stealing your current partner. If you find yourself in any one of these situations with your sibbling, my suggestion-Cut them off!

Signing out @mspeelicious Peace and Love ;-))

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

N*E*R*D in my own words

N.E.R.D is prolly one of my fave bands of all time. I love the fact that they donot conform to the trends. Their sound is always fresh and new. I also love them (Pharrell and Chad) as the Neptunes their beats asre so cool. I have recently been listening to "she wants to move" and "Lapdance", these tracks are awesome. If you listen to Justified (Justin Timberlake) Kellis (Tasty), Britney Spears (Slave For you), Common(Universal Mind Control),Snoop Dogg (Drop It like its hot), Asher Roth,you realise how versatile these guys are. These among others are Neptunes productions.Personally i can safely say The Neptunes are probably one of the best producers ever. If they lay a rap track its dope,Rocka track,RnB,Hip Hop,Punk,POP its so refined and distinct.

I hope N.E.R.D as a group with their new album NOTHING will make as much impact as these guys have made for other artists.Hot n Fun they 1st track off NOTHING featuring Nelly Furtado is different, it kinda like elavates to a new level of music that you havent heard before.But the best part about Hot N Fun is the music Video. When you watch it, its almost as if you are looking at the world through Pharrells' eyes. He's so creative and you cant help but be in awe.Its colourful, sexy and different. The rest of NOTHING comes accross as a  painting, its unique in that its unlike all the othe albums they've done before.

N.E.R.D always does the unexpected. They have a song called "God Bless Us All', its an inspirational track that seeks to uplift you when you are down and maks you realise we all make mistakes and you need to dust yourself up and try again. Apparently Pharrell wrote this track for 'Chris Brown'. Hows that for a suprise? Thats N.E.R.D for you. I can keep going on and on about the new album, but its safe to say i love it, and if you want to know more, buy it and listen to it!

Maybe i am just a fan so my judgement is impartial, but i think these guys are among the best./

Peace and Love Signing Out @mspeelicious muaah

Monday, September 6, 2010

Being Single is my Choice

I love going to family outtings, my cousins,brothers,aunts, their wives, husbands, kids,everyone is there its always a blast-Our own version of "keeping up with the Nda Chichi's". Theres always great food,drinks,games and conversations. All is well until one of them people bring up the dreaded question. "when are you getting married?" I hate that question and why do they always bring it up?All of a sudden theres dead silence and they all wait to hear my answer. I used to be polite about it, but now its getting out of hand. Do they have to ask me that everytime we meet.

I finally got the right answer, i now tell them, well i dont want to sleep with one man for the rest of my life, so i am still sampling them. I wasnt invited to the last two outtings,ann my grandma almost had a heart attack. Which is great anyway because now i dont have to play hide and seek with my aunts, and frankly speaking my Grandama kinda talks a bit too much.So why does my being single make me any less of a daughter, granddaughter,neice etc? Why does it bother people that i am not so young anymore and still single? Shouldnt i be applauded for not having a baby out of wedlock, for having a great carreer and properties etc.

Why do some people use marriage as a way of validating ones achievements? Yes we all had plans to meet mr Right by the time we are 26, get married and have babies, live in a nice neighbourhood with a nice pickett fence. Well as the years rolled by i realised my dreams changed. i want to conquer the world, i want to have a successful business and career, own properties etc. I am single because i choose to be single. i enjoy not being answerable to someone else.I love the fact that i can roam and travel freely without worrying about baby sitters.

The same way that the next person chose to get married and have 3 babies by age 29, i chose to be alone. I am not lonely though, i have great friends and a great career and for now that is more than enough. Why do some people judge me and think i have failed because i am not married? Dreams and aspirations differ. My dreams just dont include, daipers,feeding bottles,becoming MRS. and a husband. So if my family dont want my rudeness at their family gatherings, maybe they should stop asking me about my marriage plans.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lets talk Twitter/Facebook/My Space/etc

I am an addict when it comes to the net. I read news on the internet, i dont watch CNN or BBC, SkyNews etc i read the internet. I google everything from recipes to new hairstyles,fashion,exchange rates, you name it, i find on the internet.Emmbarasingly i even carry my phone to the toilet. Thats how the internet has revolutionalised me.(if we can call it that).

Back in the day the above was what we used the internet for, then came a monster called Hi5, i had an account,all my friends did, we would post our pictures and update our current statuses i.e. relationship wise. But then,i kicked Hi5 to the curb when Facebook (FB) was born.I would be on Facebook every other day. FB became the trending topic everywhere you went.I once met this cute guy who didnt ask for my number, but he asked for my facebook name.It was so cool to have so many friends on FB. The more friends you had,meant the more popular you were.

Daily i would check my friends requests and amaizingly most of these people were not my friends but were ex- school mates, friends of friends, some i didnt even know,but they wanted to be friends because you had a cute avatar. Eventually it started to weigh me down, so i made a pact to myself:i would clean up my friends list every 3 months. You got cut, if we were never cahtting,if you never liked or commented on any of my posts. I realised that in the end,at any given time i never had more than 90 friends.This made FB exciting and managable.

But it all fell by the wayside when i met and fell in love with "twitter". Why did i fall in love? Well, "Twitter" meant i got to have followers and not friends like on FB. If you ask me i prefer followers to friends,as corky or Cheesy as it may sound. A friend is someone who knows you, they know your real name, your real proffession,your family,your past at times,whereas a follower doesnt have to know anything about you, they simply follow.

On twitter you get to live a fantasy. Half the people following you dont know the real you. They know what you tell them about you.For all they know i could be a fat bellied,bald 45 year old man pretending to be a twenty something year old girl. I find that fascinating though.On twitter you also get to follow celebrities and if you are lucky they can follow you back.

I am hooked to "twitter". I love ""RT"" thats to Retweet what someone has tweeted.I love to ""DM"" thats to send a direct message.Above all i think i really like the fact that i dont have to use my real name. @mspeelicious is my user name, its cool she's is my alterego. She works in advertising, and she gets to go to parties, and she swears a lot, but on facebook i am me, i dont get to swear much,i am more down to earth there. On twitter i dont have to worry about being judged by people who know me, i get to be free.

I admire people like Richard Branson,Barack Obama,Mary j Blige,Pharrell Williams, Cappricon,Ellen Degeneres and on Twitter i get to read what they are thinking, how they feel when they wake up in the morning and how hard they are working and it motivates me to work harder also.

So i leave you with this; do we go on these social networks as a way of escaping whom we really are, or are we constantly seeking validation from our peers that we are part of the in-crowd or do we have way too much time on our hands? I wonder.

Peace and Love am out muaah ;-)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I have always had a healthy relationship with my mother, she is more of an aunt type to me than a mother. She's the coolest, she is the type of mum who will listen when you have problems.She gives fashion advise,she will gossip with you,you can watch tv with her,she will even give you relationship advise but thats as far as it goes. And i figure that to the a healthy enough relationship between us.

So this got me thinking, Why is it that nowadays mums and daughters have become best friends? Is it that it because of Pyschology,Social degradation,or it it because of absentee fathers? Personally i think its more to do with the eradication of the family structures and values. Where the are so many young,single mothers. Mothers now tend to be too familiar with their daughters.

Dont get me wrong its great that parents want to be involved in their childrens lives, but i think there should be boundaries.I dont expect mothers to go nightclubs with their daughters.Yes they can talk and laugh, but there are certain topics that should be out-of-bounds. for example a mother cannot talk to her daughter about sex positions,the O etc. I think thats just going too far.

So, at the end of the day where do we draw the line as to how friendly is too friendly and how close is too close. mmmmmm.

Signing out peace and love @mspeelicious Muaah ;)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

hello goodmorning

well, this is the first blog post from mspeelicious. dont have much to say just that hello to ya'll and hope you will enjoy this new blog.

what its all about is people,all of us.
no matter what gender you are, it doest matter your sexual orientation,your race,your religion etc really this is just about us all. you will find that i am open minded and you will enjoy what i have to say! i hope.

anyway to start of with, i was just wondering why do people put up ugly avatars on their social pages, e.g twitter, facebook, myspace etc. really if you put up an ugly picture of yourself who the hell is gonna follow you or who would want to be your friend. definately not me. i want to be friends with people tahat look good, honest we all naturally attarcted to beautiful people and want to be associated with them.

i understand that some people may call me shallow but well, i guess it means the human race is shallow. i dont have ugly friends and i dont want them, i want to be associated with the beautiful people. so a word of advise,if you dont have a nice picture of yourself, dont create a twitter account. LOL no at least put a picture of your dog or cat.

haha well i am out Peace and love :) @mspeelicious signing out