Monday, January 31, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

N*E*R*D "Everyone Nose" (Remix)

N.E.R.D featuring Pusha T, Kanye west and Lupe Fiasco.

This was oen of my favorite songs some 3 years back, and it just brought back good memories of my love with Hip Hop.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Earthquake- About Got Damn Time-Part 1

Earthquake is so funny. Ya'll need to follow him on twitter @realearthquake for more laughs.

Lupe Fiasco VS UFO/Aliens Lupe interview with 102.7 kiisfm.mp3

listen to Jojo from Kiisfm LA talk to Lupe Fiasco about his alien encounter that happened to him when he was 10 years old. Lupe believes the aliens put a "Laser" in his left leg. Well i dont really believe in Aliens and stuff, but i doubt Lupe is lying. maybe he is just kidding ;-) or maybe he really is cuckoo.

Listen in and share your comments.

Monday, January 3, 2011

you will get caught

This guy has been prophesing that i am the one to bring him sunshine and joy. He says im definitely the one for him. Even went to my folks to let them know his intentions are to make me a life partner. Swears that im the only one for him, that he is single, and would love it if i could accept his proposal. Seriously the guy has been on my case, blowing off my phone, on my door step like ............. Swore im slowing down his lifestyle because he wants me in it, for him and for his children. I must look like the perfect step Ma. This has been going on for the past 6months, dude is on my 4n 24hrs a day.

Just this morning, I get a call from his girlfriend, what...., yes, his girlfriend, the non existent one. Dude could have fooled me. So yes he has a girlfriend. That makes him a liar and a cheat. I got ruuuuuuuuuun away with my heart. I gues what my dear friend says is true. She says, one must know that, if one is after you it means that some one else is suffering, or getting stood up. I have to thank the Lord, for letting this happen. Just imagine if i had fallen for the dude.

Marriage now a Circus

A distantly related cousin of mine is getting married at the weekend and somehow my mother is expecting me to attend the wedding.
She actually said, " well if you don't come it will seem as if you are jealous", oh that was after i told her I wouldn't be attending the funeral or is it a wedding?  OK I know some of you may be thinking that its in bad taste that i don't attend, but no it is actually in bad taste if i do attend! I actually have  very good solid reasons why I don't want to be in attendance!

My Cousin is a Ho (ex or current i don't know and care)- The girl has slept with half the world, ( it could be the whole world but thank heavens they denied her American Visa 2 years ago). I am not questioning whether she is still skank or not, but i simply refuse to celebrate the idea of a ho being turned into a housewife.

The minister should be arrested in this case!

The hubby to be is filthy rich- I am not saying rich guys shouldn't get married, all I am saying is, Ugly Rich , old guys shouldn't get married to suspect ex hos( even current). Maybe just maybe they could just be after their money. I did say maybe, i really don't know with this one.

Most importantly this is my cousins third marriage. Yes you guessed it, the last 2 were also Filthy rich, the difference with this marriage is the first two were Old, Wrinkled and White. This one is Old and Wrinkled but Black.

Gone are the days that people used to get married for Love, nowadays people are getting married for different reasons. My cousin for one chooses to get married for the money, and I am sorry but I will not be part of this mockery. How in the world does her mother allow her to get away with this madness. 

In a way i also think we have been  brainwashed by this celebrity-divorce fade. Almost everyone is getting married with the knowledge that they have an option to divorce. Why do ministers still feed us the whole vows- crap "to honor and love, in sickness and in health till death do us part" because clearly we no longer believe in this. I think it should be "till i find someone else i want to f#ck" because that is all marriages have been reduced to. OR in the case of my cousin, "till you run out of money, or i find someone with a bigger bank account".

Marriage has been reduced to ridiculousness and i choose to have no part in any celebrations to do with this . Therefore i kindly request that from now on, please DO NOT INVITE ME TO YOUR WEDDINGS unless its at a really fancy venue and they are serving shrimp and cavier.

signing out @mspeelicious :-)