Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ZARFEST Zimbabwe ft Ciara, lil Kim, Fat Joe and DJ Scratch

Ciara princess Harris jetted into Harare on Thursday for the ZARFEST concert that was to take place at the Borrowdale Racecourse on Saturday 28th May 2011.She was billed to share the stage with Lil Kim, Timbaland, Fat Joe and Dj Scratch. She was greeted by hoards of fans at the airport, but to their disappointment she quickly left via the departure exists and didn’t take time to wave or greet the fans that had waited her arrival. Her crew, which included assistant, dancers and hair and stylist crew soon followed behind her. They were driven off to Meikles hotel ( a 5 star hotel in the capital) where they stayed till the show.

Ciara at a press Conference in Harare ahead of the Show


Lil Kim and her crew arrive at Harare International Airport

Lil Kim, Fat Joe and DJ Scratch arrived in Harare separately on Friday 27th. They were all also greeted by huge crowds at the airport. Lil Kim proved why she has managed to have staying power in a game dominated by man. Towering at only 1.5m tall, the “Queen Bee” arrived with her crew, also comprising of Dancers, and stylist. She was all smiles and took time to greet and even shake hands with fans that waited for her at the airport.

Ciara seemed to be enjoying her stay in the country as she tweeted that she was enjoying her stay in South Africa and the people were really nice. Unknown to her Ciara was actually in Zimbabwe and not South Africa. We can’t really blame her though can we? Zimbabwe is right next door to South Africa, and is a very small country compared to South Africa. See tweets below.

Erica and Yolanda are playing photographer with me, making me do 50 million poses! Lol here's pic from my room in SA! http://t.co/Upq3UwS
27 May

South Africa!!! These people are so sweet! Can't wait until my 1st show! Yay!
27 May

Come the day of the show the crowds had to brave the cold weather( as low as 10 degree), to go and see Ciara in show. Most of the crowds only started trickling in after 11pm, as majority had gone to watch the UEFA championship final between Manchester United and Barcelona, (where the later won 3-1).

First to take the stage were some local artists and regional Dj’s. Lungile Radu a well known MC and Channel O presenter was the MC for the show, and he managed to keep the crowds highly exited as they anticipated the star-studded show. Fat Joe was first to hit the stage, flanked by his wing man ( whose name I didn’t get but is really hot), and DJ.
He blasted off with “We’re Taking Over” one of the crowds favorite tracks from him. He also performed “What’s Love”, “ Get It Poppin’”, “Baby I won’t tell”. Fat Joe was having fun with the crowd, he went on to share on how the Propaganda media has tarnished the name of Zimbabwe, and said how some people had asked him why he is visiting Africa and Zimbabwe and he said, “ it’s because it was home, and Zimbabwe I love you”. The crowd shouted “ we love you too”. And with that he led the audience into “Lean Back”. Fat Joe also paid homage to Notorious BIG “ Biggie Smalls” , Big Punisher and Tupac. He bade farewell to the crowd but not before he closed off with his verse from the DJ Khalid “ All I do is Win” remix.

Next up was DJ Scratch. Born George Spivey, the Brooklyn native wowed the crowd with his Deejaying skills and made them understand where he got his name, The brother can scratch the turntables. He played a lot of hip hop mainly Jay Z stuff and some popular anthems like The Black Eyed Peas “ Tonight’s Gonna be a Good Night” and Lil Wayne “6 foot 7 foot”. The DJ played out to a dancing crowd for about 45 mins before the MC came back to introduce the Queen Bee.

Lil Kim came on stage to a screaming audience, clad in a military red jacket and cap, and black leather skirt and boots. As soon as she hit the stage she asked “ who the F&&% want war?” yes that’s her latest release “Black Friday” which was an answer to Nicki Minaj’s diss of her on Romans Revenge. The Queen had the crowd hyped as she performs her hit tracks from back in the day like, while also paying homage to Notorious BIG ,“ Its all about the Benjamin’s” “Get Money”, “Queen B&&ch”. She also did her own rendition of Jay Z and Alicia Keys “ Empire state of Mind”. Finally she asked a number of people on stage to help her sing the last song, the crowd was already had their lighters up. As “Put your Lighters Up”

Excitement filled the crowd when the MC announced Ciara was to make her appearance on the stage.
As soon as the RnB princess got on the stage the crowd erupted with screams. Some fans were even crying at the vision of Ciara. She started off with crowd favorite “OH” from her debut album ‘Goodies’ then she followed that up with the title track "Goodies". The crowd was singing along and dancing to the popular tracks. The Princess ( no pun as Ciara’s middle name is Princess), then put on a cap and a long jacket and she added that it was time to switch the roles. The crowd went wild( especially the females) as she started singing “Like a Boy” which had become a trademark back in 2007 when she released her sophomore album “The Evolution”. As she gyrated the stage with her 2 female dancers and 2 male dancers the crowd was left in awe. She then went on to perform the controversial “Ride”, then “Like you” and “Taking Back My Love”, before she paid homage to Michael Jackson.

She then slowed it down with “ Love Sex Magic” before taking the pace to another high with “Gimme-dat” and “Work”. She finally finished off with “1-2 Step” .Before leaving the stage Cici said thank you to the wonderful people Zimbabwe and the nice and wonderful hospitality they had shown her. The singer got a bit teary when she said she was grateful for the love and support they had shown and how she was overwhelmed by the love she had received .And with that she left the stage.

American producer and hit maker Timbaland was supposed to close off the show, but unfortunately he was no show. ZARFEST organizer and CEO Kenny “Shushy” Kunene came on stage and introduced Timberland’s DJ, “P- Styles” and apologized to the crowd for Timbaland’s no show. The explanation was that Timbaland had hired a private jet from USA , which had developed some technical problems and was thus unable to make it to SA in time. Although the crowd was disappointed, by the absence of Timbaland, all in all it was a great night as Ciara, Lil Kim, DJ Scratch and Fat Joe gave memorable performances.

More pictures below.

Ciara's crew arrivving at the Aiport in Harare

Lil Kim greeting some fans at the Airport upon her arrival in Harare

Lil Kim and the show promoters at a hotel in Harare

(pictures courtesoy of Zimbojam and Fungai)

Monday, May 23, 2011

FASHION: Billboard Music Awards 2011

Beyonce and Kelly Rowland both Looking Fabulous.

Former Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams was also there and was also looking good. We love the shoes.

Jay Z seen in the audience and as usual throws the peace sign. this man maight not the the best looking but he clearly has the best swag on.

Miss Keri Baby ( Keri Hilson) finally found a look that works for her. We clearly love the hair it looks amaze, and that yellow makes her look all the better!

Mary J Blige, wow thats all we can say. She's still holding it down at her age representing. Print is definately back in this season.

Nicki minaj looking her usual self. We personally dont like the look here, but others seem to fancy. but definately the pink hair is atrocious!

Neyo repping for the males. We likey, but not too sure ablut the NY cap couldnt he have gone with a different kind of hat for this occasssion. 

In our books 50 and his best buddy Floyd Maywether can do no wrong, no matter what they wear, they will always look hot. (most of you would ask why we say so, well with the kind of money Curtis and "Pretty Boy" have you can get away with anything)

Nas also looking fabolous in the white pants we likey.

Fergie of the BEP looked lovely as usual. We definitely love the Christian Loubotin Daffodil pumps, and soon we should be rocking them also.

Sinbad and his lovely daughter Meredith Fuller were also at the Billboard Music Awards. Meredith is an aspiring music and we just love the short shimmery dress on her.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sacred into Believing

What is Religion?

Religion is often defined as a set of beliefs that explain the world and the universe; however, for individuals, religion and spirituality are more than just a way of understanding the world.
The fundamental understanding of religion is that it provides a way of life for believers. However, for individuals, religion and spirituality are more than just a way of understanding the world. We hope to not only provide practical, and historical information about religions of the world, but to also examine what each religion means to its followers.

The statements above best describes what i shall dwell upon in the next few paragraphs.

Funny how most people that identify themselves as a particular religion have become so not by choice but because of circumstances.Or even because they were born into it, more like an inheritance. I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with one so called "religion identifier" and from talking to him, i came to the following conclusions.
  • he is afraid
  • he does not believe and is not really sure or his choice of religion.
He is afraid that he he doesn't believe, he might be cast into eternal flame,/ or fear of being punished, afraid of what might befall him if he does not pray or otherwise believe, afraid of rejection or being  a cast out. This in turn then means he really doesn't believe in this being called God, or believe in his religion of choice.In so believing he hopes he is right in his choice, because if he is wrong, he is afraid of what the future (life after death) will be for him. I am certain this one individual has never taken time out to learn about the other religions before making a choice.

So man questions play on my mind:

Was this how it was intended i wonder? Was religion supposed to be based on options of a,b,c, or d. why does it have to be branded? Is it all not meant to stem down to that we believe in one God? Was it Gods intention that we segregate ourselves based on the brands we have created? Is there one God, or are there many Gods? What happens when we die? Will there be a different judging panel for the different religions?

Below are a list of religions i managed to research on.