Thursday, March 22, 2012

Usher Raymond ( Hansa Festival) 10 March 2012

i had always thought USHER has the best Live show ever after watching him on tv Live and i have to say on the 10th of March i was amazed as i got to see one of my fav singers LIVE. at Orlando stadium in Soweto Johannesburg.

me and vonnie

queues into Orlando Stadium

me and vonnie again

the queues getting into the stadium

Curtain raiser-

"Shoelace" very good band

Busi M- Brilliant artist

GI- Gang of instrumentals.


Then Mr Raymond

Vonnie and a friend outside the stadium

Usher's dancers


Below are pix and videos from the show

Finally i have had time to upload these pix onto my blog. as you can see i was a few feet away from Mr Ray Ray.