Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lupe Fiasco on Trayvon Martin, peace in the Mid-East and who is helped b...

Musician and activist Lupe Fiasco joins Cenk to talk about Democrats, politics in the Middle East and Trayvon Martin. "There's too many opinions out," he says of media coverage on the case.
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I guess in a way he is right in that we all form our opinions about certain things based on other people's opinions which are based on what they read in the paper or heard on TV. Liek with the KONY2012 thing, so much was said by so many people especially celebrities and sadly most of these people never get to reseacrh before they form opinions.

i choose to be a reader and a researcher before i form an oinion.

About the Isreli - palestine conflight, i think this is a war that dates as far back as the bible and i feel people i.e. USA should not pick a side because so many people have died and this needs to be resolved. Israel and Palestine need leaders that are willing to come together to see an end to this conflict.

peace and love ...........