Friday, December 14, 2012

Mr Shawn Carter,My king of Hip Hop

I fell in love with Jay Z when i first  heard "Reasonable Doubt" end of 1996, i was a bit late though, as i was still in school and i had to listen to the radio only at the weekends. i first heard "Dead Presidents" on Radio 3 on.  Peter Johns show. Wow i was blown away. I couldn't understand half the rhymes but i just wanted in. Jay had an infections sound, later i then heard ' Aint No Nigga". Foxy was fresh and she was holding her own against Jay Z. As i was still in school i couldn't afford to buy no albums, and foreign music was not locally readily available. but i used to wait for the Peter Johns show because i knew he would definitely play some of that.I would record snippets of songs on my tap recorder and would replay then in my bedroom and rap with Jay.

Reasonable changed my life. I figured what i wanted be when i grew up. I wanted to be a rap. I used to write my own raps and go by the name " Black Sugar ' i even joined a rap band, i was the only female. i remember auditioning for one of the leaders of the band in a parking-lot at night.  But it was in 1997 that i heard " Cant Knock The Hustle' with Mary J Blige. oh i was sold,  and so begun my love and hate relationship with Hip hop. I love Hip Hop with all my heart. I will forever love Hip hop, thanks to Mr. Shawn Carter, but at times i hate Hip Hop when i hear some of the cats that are coming out today. They lack substance. I will not mention names. But overall, Hip Hop will forever be my boo.

I don't care what people say about Jay, he is the greatest that ever did it. and he has paved the way for so many rappers, and inspired so may rappers, including me.

Peace and Love am out @mspeelicious